Eugene H. Holeman Award


The Eugene H. Holeman Award is presented annually to an AFDOSS member who has demonstrated that he/she has served the Association and made a valuable contribution to food, drug, cosmetic and consumer products in administration and enforcement.

2016 Holeman Award winner Mark Sestak

Mark Sestak receiving the 2016 Eugene H. Holeman Award

According to AFDOSS By-Laws; Section 15: The Eugene H. Holeman Awards Committee shall consist of 5 members as follows: (1) the most recent recipient as Chairman, (2) the President of the Association and (3) the three past living recipients. If three members as described, are not available, the President may appoint such members as necessary to fill all five positions. A previous recipient of the award shall not be eligible for re-nomination. The committee shall consider each report of nomination, as received, and the committee members shall have the right to independently canvass the field in order that no one worthy of consideration is overlooked. The Committee, before March 1, shall make a recommendation. An award need not be granted each year.

Eugene Holeman was a past president of AFDO and AFDOSS and the following are quotes from his writing in 1987.

“AFDOSS has always been and will remain my principal resource for examples of friendship and ability in administering federal and state laws”

“AFDO is an organization; if once you have become an active member, you are influenced for life”

Past Recipients of the Eugene Holeman Award

Past Recipients of the Eugene Holeman Award

The Eugene H. Holeman Award was established by the Association of Food and Drug Officials of the Southern States in 1977. The first presentation of the award was given at the 30th Annual Conference held at Williamsburg Virginia, April 16-19, 1978.

2016 Mark Sestak Alabama Department of Public Health
2015 Pamela Miles Virginia Dept. Agriculture & CS Richmond, VA
2014 Joe Reardon North Carolina Department of Agri. Raleigh, NC
2013 Rita Johnson FL Dept. Agri. & Cons. Serv. Tallahassee, FL
2012 Joanne Brown, DVM FL Dept. Agri. & Cons. Serv. Tallahassee, FL
2011 Dennis Baker FDA – Dallas TX
2010 Charlene Bruce Mississippi Dept. of Public Health, Jackson, MS
2009 Guy Delius Kentucky Public Health Protection Safety, Frankfort, KY
2008 Cameron Smoak Georgia Department of Agriculture, Atlanta, GA
2007 Dr. Anna Hood Mississippi State University, MS
2006 Gayle Lancette FDA, Southeast Region Laboratory, Atlanta, GA
2005 Lydia Strayer Mississippi Dept. of Health, Jackson, MS, Vicksburg-Residence
2004 Dr. Bill Brooks South Carolina Dept. of Agriculture, Columbia, SC
2003 Jimmy Hopper Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture, Nashville, TN
2002 Donald Howell North Carolina Dept. Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Raleigh, NC
2001 Doug Sanders Virginia Dept. Agriculture & Consumer Affairs, Richmond, VA
2000 Douglas Tolen Retired, FDA Director, Orlando, FL
1999 Earl Herrmann Food and Milk Specialist, Alabama Dept. of Health, Montgomery, AL
1998 John Turner Southeast Regional Director, FDA, Atlanta, GA
1997 Dan Smyly Director, Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services, Tallahassee, FL
1996 Robert Gordon Director, Food & Drug Protection Div., NC Dept. of Agriculture, Raleigh, NC
1995 Raymond Eads Food Inspector, Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture, Cleveland, TN
1994 John Draper Kentucky Environmental Sanitation Branch, Cabinet for Human Resources, Frankfort, KY
1993 Truluck Kelly Retired, Director of Laboratories, SC Dept. of Agriculture, Columbia, SC
1992 Betsy Woodward Chief, Food Laboratory, FL Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Serv. Tallahassee, FL
1991 Sander Bellman Director of Chemistry, FDA, Atlanta, GA
1990 George W. Fong Chief, Pesticide Residue Chemical Laboratory, Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Serv., Tallahassee, FL
1989 William Cobb Texas A & M University, State Chemist,College Station, TX
1988 John McGlamery Assistant Director, Food and Drug Protection Div., NC Dept. of Agriculture , Raleigh, NC
1987 Mary Logan Food & Drug Administration, Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture, Nashville, TN
1986 Edsel Moore Director, Radiation & Product Safety, Kentucky Dept. for Health Services, Frankfort, KY
1985 Martha Rhodes Asst. Commissioner, FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Tallahassee, FL
1984 Robert Reeves Director, Division of Foods and Dairies, TN Dept. of Agriculture, Nashville, TN
1983 Irving Bell Director, Div. for Consumer Health Protection, Kentucky Dept. for Human Resources, Frankfort, KY
1982 Leo Turner Public Affairs, The Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, GA
1981 Maurice Kinslow Regional Food & Drug Director, FDA, Atlanta, GA
1980 Shelby Johnson Director, Milk & Food Sanitation, FDA, Atlanta, GA
1979 Doyle C. Golden Chief, Pesticide Residue Laboratories, FL Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services
1978 Raymond Summerlin Former Director, Consumer Div. Georgia Dept. of Agriculture Protection