AFDOSS works to accomplish various projects and goals each year, and much of the work is completed by members who have joined one of the below committees. Every AFDOSS member is encouraged to consider joining a committee and contributing ideas. Please take a moment to learn more about each of the committees, and join one….

Advisory Committee – consists of Regular association members of federal agencies. Duties are to foster continuous communication between state and federal regulatory agencies; project and plan specific areas of cooperation; advise AFDOSS Executive Committee of areas in need of attention, and to alert AFDOSS membership of new areas developing within the federal agencies which will affect AFDOSS.

Associate Membership Committee – encourages associate membership in AFDOSS and provides program ideas and speakers to the Program Committee chair. (Chair: Jeff Hawley)

Awards/Eugene H Holeman Award Committee – consists of five members as follows: the most recent recipient as Chairman, the President of the Association and 3 past living recipients. If three members, as described, are not available, the President may appoint such members as necessary to fill all five positions. (Chair: Mark Sestak and Co-chair: Brenda Morris)

Awards/Mary Logan Scholarship Committee – consists of five members appointed by the President. No two members of the committee shall be from any one state. (Chair: Cameron Smoak and Co-chair: Jimmy Hopper)

Credentials Committee – consists of the President, the Secretary-Treasurer and another member appointed by the President. It is the duty of this committee to pass on the eligibility of members of the Association for voting.

Education and Training Committee – evaluates and makes recommendations to the AFDOSS Board on methods to bring quality training to federal, state, local, and associate members. (Chair: Courtney Mickiewicz)

Emergency Response and Preparedness Committee – (Chair: Mark Sestak and Co-chair: Natalie Adan)

Food Committee – includes Seafood, Field, Retail, Meat & Poultry. Monitors and reports to the AFDOSS Board any dynamic and emerging issues related to use, concerns, testing, research and regulatory activity associated with foods and food ingredients, with the preparation, holding and selling of food a the retail level. Includes Local Engagement’s Committee. (Chair: Melissa Lombardi)

International and Government Relations/Advisory Committee – (Chair: Laurie Farmer)

Laws and Regulations Committee – monitors and reports to the Executive Board about dynamic and emerging issues related to the changes in laws, regulations, major policies that have an effect on foods, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics and the uses, concerns, research associated with the importation and exportation of these. (Chair: Craig Nielsen)

Media and Public Affairs Committee – promotes AFDOSS’ achievements and others news in our bi-annual newsletter and other media. (Chair: JoAnn Pittman, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Atlanta, Georgia and Co-chair: Natalie Guidry, U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Membership Committee – includes Credentials and Necrology. This committee promotes membership in AFDOSS and encourages Alumni participation at our meetings. (Chair: Jessica Badour and Co-chair: Charlene Bruce)

Membership Committee-Alumni, – promotes membership in AFDOSS and encourages Alumni participation at our meetings. (Chair: Sandy Baxter and Co-chair: Tyler Thornburg)

Nomination and Elections Committee – chaired by the immediate past president. Consists of three regular members as well. This committee develops a slate of candidates for the junior board member each year. (Chair: Natalie Adan)

Program Committee – chaired by the current Vice President and other members as required. (Chair: Courtney Mickiewicz)

Resolutions Committee – encourages and solicits resolutions from the membership and submit to the Executive Board of AFDOSS. (Chair: Matt Colson)

Technical Committee –monitors and reports to AFDOSS any dynamic and emerging research and regulatory issues related to food, drug, medical devices and cosmetics. Includes Drugs, Devices & Cosmetic Committee and Laboratory, Science and Technology Committee. (Chair: Matt Colson)